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On the Face of It

Susan Hill

About the Author :

Susan Hill (born 1942 ) is a British author of fiction and non-fiction works. Her novels include the The Woman in Black, The Mist in the Mirror and I’m the King of the Castle for which she received the Somerset Maugham Award in 1971. The play On the Face of It deals with the sensitive topic of our society’s callousness towards people different than us. The title refers to the disfigured face of the protagonist as well as suggests that not everything is as it appears to be and thus undermines the importance of appearances.
Susan Hill (born 1942) ছুছান্ হিল (জন্ম ১৯৪২) এজন ব্ৰিটিছ লেখক। তেওঁ গল্প-উপন্যাসৰ লগতে আন ধৰণৰ চিন্তামূলক সাহিত্যৰো সৃষ্টি কৰিছে। তেওঁৰ প্রকাশিত উপন্যাসবোৰৰ ভিতৰত আছে The Woman in Black, The Mist in the Mirror আৰু I’m the King of the Castle. তেওঁ ১৯৭১ চনত Somerset Mangham Award লাভ কৰিছে। On the Face of It নামৰ নাটকখনত এটা স্পর্শকাতৰ বিষয় উত্থাপন কৰিছে। সেয়া হ’ল সৰ্বসাধাৰণতকৈ বেলেগ ব্যক্তিসকলৰ প্ৰতি (যেনে বিকলাংগ বা কুৎসিৎ লোক) সমাজৰ উদাসীনতা। নাটকৰ নামটোৱে মুখ্য চৰিত্ৰটিৰ বিকৃত মুখায়ৱলৈ আঙুলিয়াইছে আৰু লগতে ইংগিত দিছে যে সকলোবোৰ কথা আপাতদৃষ্টিত দেখাৰ দৰে নহয় আৰু তেনেদৰে বাহ্যিক ৰূপৰ গুৰুত্বক আওকাণ কৰিছে।

Simple Meaning of the Text


Derry, a fourteen-year-old boy walks in slowly and cautiously into Mr. Lamb’s garden thinking that no one is around. Mr Lamb’s voice startles him. Mr. Lamb introduces himself and sensing Derry’s nervousness, tries to calm him.

Para-2 :

Derry tells him that he had not expected anybody there. Mr. Lamb tries to reassure him but Derry is frightened and turns to go. Mr. Lamb welcomes him into the garden and says that his gate was always open to welcome people. He had noticed that Derry had climbed the garden wall.

Para-3 :

Derry is angry and says that he had not come to steal anything, he just wanted to enter the garden. Mr. Lamb says only the young boys come to steal the apples but Derry was not so young. Derry tries to leave but Mr. Lamb stops him and tells him not to be afraid. Derry says that he is not afraid of people but people are afraid of him because of his face. People pretend to be sympathetic but are actually afraid of him. When Mr. Lamp says that in cooler weather, he would get the ladder, pull down the crab apples and make jelly, Derry accuses him of changing the subject. He feels like people were afraid to talk about his looks because he had an ugly face. This was the reason he didn’t like meeting anybody. 

Para-4 :

Derry tells Mr. Lamb how acid burnt the side of his face and scarred him. His looks didn’t matter to Mr. Lamb. Derry asks Mr. Lamb if he was not interested in knowing about him. Mr. Lamb corrects him saying that he was interested in everything God made- even the weeds that others would condemn. He respected each creation’s individuality. Just as Mr. Lamb was old and Derry young; Derry had a burned face while Mr. Lamb a tin leg. External appearances were not important.

Para-5 :

Derry asks him about his leg. Mr. Lamb tells him that it was blown off years back., Kids called him ‘Lamey Lamb’, but it didn’t trouble him. Derry relies it was because he could cover it with his trousers and it could go unnoticed. Mr. Lamb says that initially some people did stare but they got tired of doing it. There were plenty of things to stare at in the world. Mr. Lamb felt that beauty was relative. He reminds Derry of Beauty and the Beast. Derry tells Mr. Lamb that unlike the beast he would have to stay ugly as no one would kiss him. Only his mother kissed him but on the other side of his face. 

Para-6 :

Derry tells Mr. Lamb about the hopelessness of his situation, he would always have half a face. Mr. Lamb tells him that the world had a whole face to be looked at. Derry asks him if his old garden was the world for him. Mr. Lamb replies that when he was there, the world was as much there as anywhere.

Para-7 :

Derry asks him if his leg hurt. Mr. Lamb says it did but not anymore. Only at times in wet weather it did but it didn’t matter. Derry felt all people with a handicap said that. They preach that there are people with worse handicaps. He also recalls how a woman had said that his face was ‘a terrible thing’ and was ‘a face only a mother could love’. Mr. Lamb advises him to keep his ears shut to block out such hurtful words.

Para-8 :

Derry feels that Mr. Lamb says the strangest things and asks questions that he doesn’t understand. Mr. Lamb liked to talk but he did not want to force Derry to answer. Derry confesses that had he seen Mr. Lamb, he would not have crossed the wall. He did not like people staring at him or being afraid of him.

Para-9 :

Mr. Lamb tells him of a man who locked himself in a room as he was afraid of everything. So he went into his room. locked the door, got into his bed, and stayed there. One day a picture fell off the wall on to his head and killed him. Derry bursts out laughing. 

Para-10 :

Derry asks Mr. Lamb what he did all day. Mr. Lamb said that he sat in the sun and read books. Derry notices that there weren’t any curtains at the windows. Mr. Lamb says it was because he neither liked shutting things out nor shutting them in. Derry admits that he likes to hear the rain. He tells Mr. Lamb that he had heard his parents talk about how difficult it would be for him to get on in this world with a face like his after they died. Mr. Lamb says that he had arms, legs, eyes, ears, tongue and a brain. He could get on the way he wanted like everyone. And if he was determined, he could get on better than all the rest. Derry wants to know if Mr. Lamb had friends. Mr. Lamb feels he had hundreds of them; they were everywhere. His gate was always open to welcome people. Anybody could walk in just as Derry had.

Para-11 :

Derry is surprised as they barely knew each other but to Mr. Lamb of this is insignificant. Derry introduces himself. He says if he couldn’t visit him again then he wouldn’t be a friend. He would be a ‘nobody’ like a person on the street. Mr. Lamb clarifies that people are never just nothing. Derry hated some people but Mr. Lamb says that would do a lot of harm to him. Acid only burnt his face; but hating would burn his soul.

Para-12 :

Derry has heard that people are better off with others like themselves like blind people ought to be with other blind people and idiot boys with idiot boys etc. Derry feels this because when all the people were the same they would not stare at each other. But Mr. Lamb disagrees. He says that people with the same deformity would also be different. It is incorrect to judge people by what they looked like. One had to watch, listen, and think to notice the difference.

Para-13 :

Derry likes Mr. Lamb’s house with a garden and no curtains. Mr. Lamb says that the gate was always open for everybody. Mr. Lamb says even in his absence, there would be others there. Derry is surprised. He feels others would look at his face and run. But Mr. Lamb says that he would have to take that risk. Mr. Lamb says that kids called him ‘Lamey Lamb’ and yet came into the garden. They were not afraid of him just as he was not of them.

Para-14 :

Derry wants to know how he would climb on a ladder and get the crab apples down. Mr. Lamb says that he had learned to do a lot of things. He was not afraid of falling and breaking his neck or even of dying. Derry tells Mr. Lamb that he hadn’t told his parents of his whereabouts. Mr. Lamb tells him that they would be concerned. He wants Derry to inform them and return. Derry is afraid that they would not let him return but Mr. Lamb says he would have to decide that for himself. Derry tells him that he wants something that no one else had or would ever have just like the garden. Mr. Lamb said that he could find out by waiting, watching and listening. 

Para-15 :

Derry did not believe that people came to meet Mr. Lamb. He feels that Mr. Lamb stayed there alone and was miserable and no one would know if he was alive or dead and nobody would care. But Derry’s opinion did not matter to Mr. Lamb. Derry found him to be strange. Mr. Lamb feels it was a good excuse for Derry not to come back just as his burnt-up face was for others. Derry leaves determined to come back. However, Mr. Lamb does not expect him to return.

Para-16 :

In Derry’s house his mother tries to dissuade him from going back. She has heard things about Mr. Lamb but Derry defends him saying that she shouldn’t believe all she has heard. Derry wants to know why she is afraid of an old man with a tin leg and who lives in a huge house without curtains and has a garden. Derry wants to go there sit and listen to the bees singing and hear Mr. Lamb talking about things that mattered; things nobody else had ever said; things he wanted to think about.

Para- 17 :

He tells his mother that he doesn’t care what he looks like; his face isn’t important; and that he was going back to help him with the crab apples and look at things and listen. Derry feels that if he didn’t go back there, he would never go anywhere in this world.

Para- 18 :

Derry runs out to return to Mr. Lamb’s garden. A branch is heard shifting and apples thumping down. Suddenly, Mr. Lamb falls. Soon Derry enters shouting in gleev at having returned when suddenly he notices Mr. Lamb the ground. He runs to him and tries to wake him. There is. no answer. Derry begins to weep.

‘আপাতদৃষ্টিত’ পাঠটোৰ ভাৱানুবাদ

অনুচ্ছেদ-১ :

চৈধ্য বছৰীয়া ল’ৰা Derry (ড্ৰেৰী) এ সাৱধানে আৰু লাহে লাহে Mr. Lamb (লেম্ব ডাঙৰীয়া) অৰ বাগানখনলৈ খোজ লৈছিল এই ভাবি যে ওচৰে পাজৰে কোনো নাই। Mr. Lamb অৰ মাতত তেওঁ উচপ খাই উঠিছিল । Mr. Lamb এ নিজৰ পৰিচয় দিছিল আৰু Derry অস্বস্তিত পৰা যেন দেখি তেওঁক শান্ত কৰিবলৈ চেষ্টা কৰিছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-২ :

Derry এ কৈছিল যে কোনোবা তাত থাকিব পাৰে বুলি তেওঁ ভবা নাছিল। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক পুনৰবাৰ আশ্বাস দিবৰ চেষ্টা কৰিছিল। কিন্তু Derry এ ভয় পাইছিল আৰু যাবলৈ বুলি ঘূৰিছিল। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক বাগিচাৰ ভিতৰলৈ মাতিছিল আৰু কৈছিল যে তেওঁৰ পদূলি মানুহক আদৰিবলৈ সদায় খোলা থাকে। তেওঁ লক্ষ্য কৰিছিল যে Derry এ বাগিচাৰ দেৱাল বগাই সোমাইছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-৩ :

Derry ৰ খং উঠিছিল আৰু কৈছিল যে তেওঁ একো চুৰ কৰিবলৈ তাত সোমোৱা নাছিল। তেওঁ মাত্ৰ বাগিচাখনত সোমাব খুজিছিল। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে চেঙেলীয়া ল’ৰাবোৰেহে কেৱল আপেল চুৰি কৰিবলৈ আহে, কিন্তু Derry টো চেঙেলীয়া নহয়। Derry এ যাবলৈ চেষ্টা কৰিছিল যদিও Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক বাধা দিছিল আৰু কৈছিল যে তেওঁ ভয় খাব নালাগে। Derry এ কৈছিল যে তেওঁ মানুহক ভয় নকৰে, মানুহবোৰেহে তেওঁক ভয় কৰে তেওঁৰ মুখখনৰ কাৰণে। মানুহবোৰে তেওঁৰ প্ৰতি সহানুভূতিশীল হোৱাৰ ভাও ধৰে যদিও আচলতে তেওঁলোকে তেওঁক ভয় কৰে। Mr. Lamb এ যেতিয়া ক’লে যে ঠাণ্ডাৰ বতৰত তেওঁ জখলাডাল আনি ক্ৰেব আপেলবোৰ চিঙি আজুৰি আনিব আৰু জেলি বনাব, Derry এ তেতিয়া তেওঁক দোষাৰোপ কৰি কৈছিল যে তেওঁ আলোচনাৰ বিষয় সলনি কৰিব বিচাৰিছে। তেওঁ অনুভৱ কৰিছিল যে মানুহবোৰে তেওঁৰ চেহেৰাৰ বিষয়ে কথা হ’বলৈ ভয় কৰে, কাৰণ তেওঁৰ মুখখন কুৎসিৎ। এই কাৰণতে তেওঁ মানুহক লগ ধৰাটো পছন্দ নকৰিছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-৪ :

Derry এ Mr. Lamb অক কৈছিল কেনেকৈ এচিডে তেওঁৰ মুখৰ এটা ফাল দগ্ধ কৰিছিল আৰু গালত কুৎসিত দাগ এৰি গৈছিল। Mr. Lamb অৰ কাৰণে তেওঁৰ চেহেৰাটো বৰ গুৰুত্বপূর্ণ বস্তু নাছিল। Derry 4 Mr. Lamb অক সুধিছিল, তেওঁৰ বাৰু তেওঁৰ বিষয়ে জানিবৰ ইচ্ছা নহয়নে? Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক শুধৰাই দি কৈছিল যে ভগৱানে সৃষ্টি কৰা সকলো বস্তুৰ প্ৰতি তেওঁৰ আগ্রহ আছে— এনেকি বাগিচাত গজা অনিষ্টকাৰী বন-লতাবোৰো। তেওঁৰ ভগৱানৰ প্ৰতিটো সৃষ্টিৰ বৈশিষ্ট্যতাক সন্মান কৰিছিল। যেনেকৈ Mr. Lamb বুঢ়া আৰু Derry ডেকা, তেনেকৈ Derry ৰ পোৰা মুখ আৰু Mr. Lamb অৰ টিনৰ নকল ভৰি আছে। বাহ্যিক ৰূপবোৰ বৰ গুৰুত্ব দিবলগীয়া কথা নহয়।

অনুচ্ছেদ-৫ :

Derry এ তেওঁক তেওঁৰ ভৰিখনৰ কথা সুধিলে। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে, বহুবছৰৰ আগতে ভৰিখন বিস্ফোৰণত উৰি গৈছিল। কণ কণ ল’ৰা ছোৱালীবোৰে তেওঁক খোৰা লেম্ব বুলি জোকাই ৰং পাইছিল, কিন্তু সেইটোত একো মনোকষ্ট পোৱা নাছিল, Derry এ উত্তৰত কৈছিল যে তেওঁ চিন্তা কৰা নাছিল এই কাৰণে যে তেওঁ পায়জামাৰে ভৰিখন ঢাকি ৰাখিব পাৰিছিল আৰু ই কাৰো লক্ষ্যত পৰা নাছিল। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে প্ৰথম অৱস্থাত কিছুমান লোকে তেওঁলৈ থৰ লাগি চাইছিল, কিন্তু পিছলৈ তেওঁলোক ভাগৰি পৰিছিল। পৃথিৱীত চাবলগীয়া বস্তু অনেক আছে। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে সৌন্দর্য বস্তুটো আপেক্ষিক। তেওঁ Derry ক Beauty and The Beast সাধুটো মনত পেলাই দিলে। Derry এ Mr. Lamb অক কৈছিল যে সাধুৰ জন্তুটোৰ (Beast) দৰে তেওঁ নহয়, কাৰণ তেওঁ সদায় কুৎসিত হৈয়েই থাকিব আৰু কোনেও তেওঁক চুমা নিদিব। তেওঁৰ মাকেহে কেৱল তেওঁক চুমা খাইছিল তাকো তেওঁৰ মুখৰ আনটো ফালতহে। 

অনুচ্ছেদ-৬ :

Derry এ Mr. Lamb অক ক’লে যে তেওঁৰ অৱস্থাটোৰ যে শুধৰণি-হ’ব সেইটো আশা কৰাও মিছা। তেওঁ সদায় এফাল মুখ লৈয়েই থাকিব লাগিব। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক কৈছিল যে চাই থাকিবৰ কাৰণে জগতখনৰটো সম্পূর্ণ মুখখনেই আছে। Derry এ তেওঁক সুধিছিল তেওঁৰ পুৰণি বাগিচাখনেই তেওঁৰ সম্পূৰ্ণ জগতখন নেকি? Mr. Lamb এ উত্তৰ দিছিল যে যেতিয়া তেওঁ বাগিচাত আছিল তেওঁৰ কাৰণে জগতখন তাতেই আছিল নে আন ক’ৰবাতেই আছিল তাৰ একো পার্থক্য নাছিল। 

অনুচ্ছেদ-৭ :

Derry এ তেওঁক সুধিছিল তেওঁৰ ভৰিখন বিষায় নে। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে এতিয়া আৰু বিষ-তিষ নাই। মাথো কেতিয়াবা কেতিয়াবা বৰষুণৰ বতৰত অলপ বিষ অনুভৱ হয়, কিন্তু সেইটো একো নহয়। Derry এ ক’লে যে যিকোনো বিকলাঙ্গ মানুহে তেনেকৈয়ে কয়। তেওঁলোকে এইটো প্ৰচাৰ কৰে যে তেওঁলোকতকৈও বেছি ধুনীয়া অংগৰ লোক আছে। তেওঁ স্মৰণ কৰিছিল কেনেকৈ এজনী তিৰোতা মানুহে কৈছিল যে তেওঁৰ মুখখন এখন বীভৎস মুখ আৰু মাকৰ বাহিৰে আন কোনেও তাক ভাল পাব নোৱাৰে। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক উপদেশ দিছিল যে এনে আঘাত দিব পৰা কথাবোৰ সোমাব নোৱৰাকৈ কাণ দুখন বন্ধ কৰি ৰাখিব লাগে।

অনুচ্ছেদ-৮ :

Derry ৰ অনুভৱ হৈছিল যে Mr. Lamb এ অত্যন্ত আচহ্বা কথাবোৰ কয় আৰু তেওঁ বুজিব নোৱৰা প্ৰশ্ন কিছুমান সোধে। Mr. Lamb এ কথা ক’বলৈ ভাল পাইছিল, কিন্তু তেওঁ Derry ক জোৰ কৰা নাছিল প্ৰশ্নৰ উত্তৰ দিবৰ কাৰণে। Derry এ স্বীকাৰ কৰি কৈছিল যে Mr. Lamb অক দেখা হ’লে তেওঁ কেতিয়াও দেৱালখন পাৰ নহ’লহেতেন। তেওঁ কোনোবাই তেওঁৰ ফালে ৰ লাগি চাই থকাটো বা তেওঁক ভয় কৰাটো পছন্দ নকৰিছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-৯ :

Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক এজন মানুহৰ বিষয়ে কৈছিল যিয়ে নিজকে বন্ধ কোঠাত তলা লগাই সোমাই আছিল৷ তেওঁ সকলো বস্তুকে ভয় কৰিছিল, আৰু সেয়ে কোঠাত সোমাই, দুৱাৰত তলা লগাই বিচনাত আছিল। এদিন বেৰৰ পৰা ছবি এখন খহি আহি তেওঁৰ মূৰত পৰিল আৰু তেওঁৰ মৃত্যু হ’ল। Derry হাঁহিত ফাটি পৰিছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১০ :

Derry এ Mr. Lamb অক সুধিলে তেওঁ দিনৰ দিনটো কি কৰি কটায়। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে তেওঁ ৰ’দত বহি কিতাপ পঢ়ি থাকে। Derry এ লক্ষ্য কৰিছিল যে তেওঁৰ খিৰিকিবোৰত কোনো পৰ্দা নাছিল। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক জনাইছিল যে তেওঁ কোনো বস্তুকেই বাহিৰ উলিয়াই দিয়া বা ভিতৰত সোমাই ৰখাটো পছন্দ নকৰিছিল, সেইটোৱে তাৰ কাৰণ আছিল। Derry এ স্বীকাৰ কৰিলে যে তেওঁ বৰষুণৰ শব্দটো শুনিবলৈ ভাল পায়। তেওঁ Mr. Lamb অক কৈছিল যে তেওঁ মাক-দেউতাকক কথা পতা শুনিছে তেওঁলোকৰ মৃত্যুৰ পাছত এনে এখন পৃথিৱীত তেওঁ সেই মুখখন লৈ জীয়াই থকাটো কিমান কষ্টকৰ হ’ব। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক নিৰ্ভয় দি ক’লে যে তেওঁৰ হাত, ভৰি, চকু, কাণ, জিভা আছে আৰু আছে এটা মগজু। তেৱোঁ আন দহজনৰ দৰে নিজ ইচ্ছামতেই চলিব পাৰিব আৰু তেওঁ যদি মনটো দৃঢ় কৰি লয়, তেওঁ আন সকলোতকৈ বেছি ভালকৈহে চলিব পাৰিব। Derry এ এইবাৰ জানিব বিচাৰিলে Mr. Lamb অৰ বন্ধু-বান্ধৱ আছেনে নে নাই। Mr. Lamb এ আওপকীয়াকৈ ক’লে যে তেওঁৰ শ শ বন্ধু বান্ধৱ আছে, তেওঁলোক সকলো ঠাইতে আছে। মানুহক আদৰিবলৈ তেওঁৰ পদূলি সদায় সাজু থাকে। যিকোনো লোকে সোমাই আহিব পাৰে যিদৰে Derry এ সোমাই আহিছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১১ :

Derry বৰ আচৰিত হ’ল, কাৰণ তেওঁলোক দুয়োজনে ইজনে সিজনক কিমাননো জানে? কিন্তু Mr. Lamb অৰ কাৰণে সেইটো ধৰিবলগীয়া কথাই নহয়। Derry এ নিজৰ পৰিচয় দি উঠি ক’লে যে তেওঁ যদি পুনৰ তালৈকে নাহে, তেওঁ বন্ধু হৈও নাথাকে। তেওঁৱো ৰাস্তাৰ এজন মানুহৰ দৰে ‘ন ধৰ্তব্য’ হৈ যাব। Mr. Lamb এ কথাটো স্পষ্ট কৰি দি ক’লে যে কোনো মানুহেই ‘ন বৰ্তব্য’ নহয়। Derry এ কিছুমান মানুহক ঘিণ কৰিছিল, কিন্তু Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক কৈছিল যে সেইটোৱে তেওঁৰ নিজৰে বহুত ক্ষতি কৰিব। এচিডে তেওঁৰ মুখখনহে মাথোন পুৰিছে, ঘৃণাই তেওঁৰ আত্মাটোক পুৰি দগ্ধ কৰিব।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১২ :

Derry এ শুনিছে যে যিকোনো মানুহে নিজৰ লেখীয়া মানুহৰ লগতহে বেছি ভালদৰে থাকিব পাৰে যেনে— অন্ধলোকে আন অন্ধলোকৰ সংগ লোৱা উচিত বা মূৰ্খ ল’ৰাই আন মূৰ্খ লৰাৰ লগত থাকিব লাগে। Derry এ এনেদৰে অনুভৱ কৰিছিল এই কাৰণেই যে যেতিয়া সকলো মানুহ একে হ’ব, কোনেও কালৈকে আচহুৱা দৃষ্টিৰে চাব লগা নহ’ব। কিন্তু Mr. Lamb এ কথাটো মানি নল’লে। তেওঁ ক’লে যে একে ধৰণৰ অংগ বিকৃতি থকা মানুহবোৰৰ মাজতো কিছুমান পার্থক্য থাকিব। মানুহজনৰ বাহ্যিক ৰূপটো চাই তেওঁৰ ওপৰত কিবা সিদ্ধান্ত লোৱাটো শুদ্ধ নহয়। মানুহজনক প্রথমে লক্ষ্য কৰিব লাগে, আৰু মানুহজনৰ কথা শুনিব লাগে আৰু কিনো পার্থক্য আছে, সেইটো জনাৰ কাৰণে চিন্তা কৰিব লাগে।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১৩ :

Derry এ Mr. Lamb অৰ সমুখত বাগিচা থকা আৰু খিৰিকীত পর্দা নোহোৱা ঘৰটো পচন্দ কৰিছিল। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে তেওঁৰ পদূলি সকলোৰে কাৰণে সদায় খোলা থাকে। তেওঁ কৈছিল যে আনকি তেওঁৰ অনুপস্থিতিতো, আন লোক তাত থাকিব, Derry আচৰিত হৈছিল। তেওঁ অনুভৱ কৰিছিল যে আন মানুহে তেওঁৰ মুখলৈ চায়েই দৌৰিব। কিন্তু Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে তেওঁ বিপদটোৰ মুখামুখি হ’ব লাগিব। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে কণমানিহঁতে তেওঁক ‘লেঙেৰা লেম্ব’ বুলি জোকায়, তথাপি সিহঁত তেওঁৰ বাগিচাৰ ভিতৰলৈ আহে। তেওঁ যেনেকৈ সিহঁতক ভয় নকৰে, সিহঁতেও তেওঁক ভয় নকৰে।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১৪ :

Derry এ জানিব খুজিলে তেওঁ কেনেকৈ জখলা বগাই জংঘলী আপেলবোৰ পাৰি আনিব। Mr. Lamb এ ক’লে যে তেওঁ বহুতো কাম কৰিবলৈ শিকিছে। তেওঁ পৰিবলৈ ভয় নকৰে, পৰি ডিঙি ভঙাক ভয় নকৰে, এনেকি তেওঁ জখলাৰ পৰা পৰি মৰাটোকো ভয় নকৰে। Derry এ ক’লে যে তেওঁ মাক দেউতাকক তেওঁ ক’ত আছে কোৱা নাই। Mr. Lamb এ ক’লে যে তেওঁলোকে তাকে লৈ চিন্তা কৰি থাকিব। তেওঁ ক’লে যে Derry এ তেওঁলোকক জনাব লাগে আৰু ঘূৰি যাব লাগে। Derry এ ভয় খাইছিল যে তেওঁলোকে তেওঁক ঘূৰি যাবলৈ নিদিব। Mr. Lamb এ তেওঁক ক’লে যে প্রথমে তেওঁ নিজে মনতে ঠিক কৰিব লাগিব (তেওঁ ঘূৰি যাব খোজে নে নাই)। Derry এ কৈছিল যে তেওঁ এনে এটা বস্তু বিচাৰে যিটো আন কাৰো নাই বা কেতিয়াও নহ’ব Mr. Lamb অৰ বাগিচাখনৰ দৰেই। Mr. Lamb এ কৈছিল যে তেওঁ নিশ্চয় তাক বিচাৰি পাব যদিহে তেওঁ অপেক্ষা কৰিব পাৰে, লক্ষ্য কৰি থাকিব পাৰে আৰু মন-কাণ দি থাকিব পাৰে।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১৫ :

Derry এ বিশ্বাস কৰা নাছিল যে Mr. Lamb অক লগ ধৰিবলৈ মানুহ আহে। তেওঁ ভাবিছিল যে Mr. Lamb এ তাত নিসংগভাৱে দুখৰ জীৱন যাপন কৰি থাকে। আৰু তেওঁ যেতিয়া মৰিব, কোনেও নাজানিব তেওঁ মৰিছেই নে জীয়াই আছে। জানিবলৈ ইচ্ছাও নকৰিব। কিন্তু Derry ৰ মতামত Mr. Lamb অৰ কাৰণে অর্থহীন। Derry এ কৈছিল যে Mr. Lamb এজন বৰ আচৰিত মানুহ। কিন্তু Mr. Lamb এ ভাবিছিল যে আচলতে পুনৰবাৰ নহাৰ কাৰণে Derry ৰ এইটো এটা ভাল অজুহাতহে, যেনেকৈ তেওঁৰ পোৰা মুখখন আন সকলৰ কাৰণে অজুহাত তেওঁক সাক্ষাৎ নকৰাৰ কাৰণে। Derry এ পুনৰ তালৈকে অহাৰ কাৰণে মনত সিদ্ধান্ত কৰি তাৰ পৰা আতৰি গ’ল। Mr. Lamb এ কিন্তু তেওঁ ঘূৰি আহিব বুলি আশা কৰা নাছিল।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১৬ :

Derry ৰ ঘৰত তেওঁৰ মাকে তেওঁক পুনৰ Mr. Lamb অৰ বাগিচালৈ নাযাবৰ কাৰণে তেওঁক বুজাইছিল। তেওঁ কৈছিল যে মানুহজনৰ বিষয়ে তেওঁ বহুত কথা শুনিছে কিন্তু Derry এ Mr. Lamb অৰ হৈ ওকালতি কৰি ক’লে যে তেওঁ মানুহজনৰ বিষয়ে শুনা সকলোবোৰ কথাই বিশ্বাস কৰা অনুচিত। Derry এ মাকক ক’লে টিনৰ নকল ভৰিৰ বুঢ়া মানুহজন সন্মুখত বাগিচাখন লৈ, খিৰিকিত পর্দা নোহোৱা সেই প্রচণ্ড ঘৰটোত অকলশৰে থাকে। তেওঁ মাকক সুধিলে লেঙেৰা বুঢ়া মানুহজনক মাকে কিয় ভয় কৰে। Derry এ তালৈকে যাব খোজে, তেওঁ তাত বহি মৌ-মাখিবোৰৰ গুণগুণনি শুনিব খোজে, তেওঁ Mr. Lamb অৰ মুখৰ কথাবোৰ শুনিব খোজে৷ তেওঁ যিবোৰ কথা কয় আচল কথাই কয়, সেইবোৰ কথা আগতে কোনেও কেতিয়াও কোৱা শুনা নাই সেইবোৰ কথা শুনিলে মানুহে সেই সম্পর্কে চিন্তা কৰিবলৈ বাধ্য হয়।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১৭ :

তেওঁ মাকক ক’লে যে তেওঁ দেখাত কেনে, সেই কথাটোক লৈ তেওঁ মূৰ নঘমায়। তেওঁৰ মুখৰ ৰূপটো বৰ ডাঙৰ কথা নহয়। তেওঁ মাকক ক’লে যে তেওঁ তালৈকে যাব আৰু বুঢ়া লেঙেৰা মানুহজনক বনৰীয়া আপোল পৰাত সহায় কৰিব। তেওঁ তালৈকে গৈ সকলো বস্তু দেখিব আৰু শুনিব। Derry ৰ অনুভৱ হৈছিল যে তেওঁ যদি তালৈকে ঘূৰি নাযায়, তেনেহ’লে তেওঁ পৃথিৱীৰ কোনো ঠাইলৈকে নাযায়।

অনুচ্ছেদ-১৮ :

Derry এ দৌৰি ঘৰৰ বাহিৰ ওলাল Mr. Lamb অৰ বাগিচালৈ যাবৰ কাৰণে। এটা ডাল জোকাৰি দিয়াৰ শব্দ হৈছিল, আৰু থপ্ থপ্‌কৈ আপেলবোৰ পৰাৰ শব্দ হৈছিল। কিন্তু হঠাতে Mr. Lamb গছৰ পৰা সৰি পৰিল। ঘূৰি অহাৰ স্ফুৰ্তিতে চিঞৰি চিঞৰি Derry বাগিচাত সোমাই আহিছিল। সোমাই আহিয়েই তেওঁ দেখিলে যে Mr. Lamb মাটিত পৰি আছে। তেওঁ দৌৰি মানুহজনৰ ওচৰ পালে আৰু তেওঁক জগাই দিবৰ চেষ্টা কৰিলে। কিন্তু তেওঁৰ পৰা কোনো সঁহাৰি নাপালে। Derry এ কান্দিবলৈ ধৰিলে।

Very Short Answer type Questions : (1 mark each)

a. What did Derry think when he entered the garden? 
Ans: Derry thought that the garden was an empty place as there was nobody there when he entered it.
b. Did Derry come to steal anything from the garden? 
Ans : No, Derry did not come to steal anything. 
c. How old was Derry? 
Ans: Derry was fourteen years old. 
d. Did Derry believe everything he heard? 
Ans: Yes, Derry believed everything he heard. 
e. Has Derry’s attitude changed finally? 
Ans: Yes, Derry’s attitude has changed finally. 
f. What are the sounds heard in Mr. Lamb’s garden? 
Ans: The sounds heard in Mr Lamb’s garden are the singing or buzzing of bees, sound of birdsong and the rustling of leaves. 
g. Is everyone welcome into Mr. Lamb’s garden? 
Ans: Yes, everyone is welcome into Mr Lamb’s garden.

Short Answer type Question :  (2 marks each)

a.Who is Mr. Lamb? 
Ans: Mr Lamb is an old man with a tin leg who lives in a huge house without curtains. He has a garden in front of his house. 
b. What is meant by ‘Handsome is as handsome does’? 
Ans: The proverb “Handsome is as handsome does” means that it is not important how one looks like but it is more important what one is from inside his heart. It also implies that beauty does not lie in the outer appearance but beauty lies in the purity of the heart.
c. What kind of ‘face’ does the ‘world’ have? 
Ans: The world has a whole face and the world is there to be looked at.
d. What do people tell Derry to make him forget his pain? 
Ans: People tell Derry to be brave and never cry and complain. They even tell him to think of people who were worse than him and even console him by saying that he might have been blind, or born deaf or have to live in a wheelchair or be daft in his head and dribble.
e. Why aren’t there any curtains at the windows of Mr. Lamb’s house? 
Ans: There aren’t any curtains at the windows of Mr Lamb’s house because he was not fond of curtains. He also felt that by putting curtains at the windows he would shut things out and shut things in, which he did not want. Moreover he liked the light and the darkness and could also hear the wind.
f. How does Mr. Lamb say he occupies himself in his house? 
Ans: Mr Lamb says that he occupies himself in his house by readings books and doing other things. He tells that when it is raining, he likes to hear rain drops fall on the roof.
g. How does Mr. Lamb perceive things.
Ans: Mr Lamb perceves things in a positive way. He perceives that if one chooses and sets one’s mind, one can get on better than all the rest. 
h. How did Mr. Lamb lose his leg? 
Ans : Mr Lamb lost his leg in a war. A bomb blew up his leg. 
i. Why and how did Derry enter Mr. Lamb’s garden? 
Ans: Derry entered Mr Lamb’s garden by walking slowly and cautiously through the long grass and round a screen of bushes and finally by climbing over the garden wall. 
j. What was the reaction of Mr. Lamb after he saw Derry entering his garden after climbing over the wall? 
Ans: Mr Lamb startled Derry by asking him to mind the apples when he saw him entering his garden after climbing over the wall. He also abruptly informed Derry that since the apples were crab apples and had fallen scattered in the long grass
due to the wind, he could trip on it.
k. Who should be friends according to both Derry and Mr. Lamb? 
Ans: According to both Derry and Mr Lamb people who might never see each other again but still retain the friendship, should be friends.
i. Why does Derry go back to Mr. lamb in the end? 
Ans: Derry goes back to Mr Lamb in the end because he felt that he wanted to sit, look and listen to the bees singing and Mr Lamb talking. Morever he felt that if he did not go back, he would never go anywhere in this world again.

Long Answer type Questions : (5 marks each)

a. Why does Derry feel that everyone is afraid of him? 
Ans: Derry is a boy with one side of his face burnt by acid. He is a boy of fourteen and feels that his face is terrible and the ugliest thing ever seen. He thinks that he will stay a monstrous beast forever because of his face and no one other than his mother will like him. He is also sure that no one can be a friend of his because just as he hates people, people also hate him because of his ugly face. Derry himself confesses that when he looks in the mirror and sees it, he is afraid of himself. The different comments made by people about his face also make him feel that everyone is afraid of him. One day a woman in the street said that he is a terrible thing and that only a mother could love such a face and this made him further realize that people are afraid of him. Even the way people saw him or pretended to see him makes him feel 4 the same.
b. What is it that draws Derry towards Mr. Lamb in spite of himself?
Ans: Mr Lamb’s positive attitude towards life makes him see things differently. This attitude of Mr Lamb makes Derry realize the goodness in his life and this in turn also draws Derry towards him. Derry understands that Mr. Lamb has told him about things that matter, things that nobody else has ever said before and things that he wants to think about. Derry realizes that it does not matter how he looks like but what matters is what he thinks, feels, sees and hears. It is Mr Lamb who motivates Derry by saying that he is no less than others as he has got two arms, two legs, eyes, ears, tongue and a brain. He also makes Derry.reflect that he can live the same way as he himself does. Thus Derry is drawn towards Mr Lamb inspite of himself.
c. What impression do you form of Mr. Lamb? How does he look at life?
Ans: Mr Lamb is a person who has positive outlook towards life and accepts life as it comes. Though he lives alone he shows no signs of loneliness and disappointment. One of his legs was down off in the war and he has a tin leg but he answers very truthfully when Derry questions him if his leg hurts, that it pains particularly in wet weather. Unhappiness or disappointment does not have any place in his life. Mr Lamb looks at life in a different way. He is a person who is very interested in life and does not show any disinterest in it. He is full of life and has given a new dimension and meaning to his life, even after his physical disability. He is optimistic about life and believes in enjoying it rather than escaping from it.
d. What are the different ways to change Derry’s attitude to life?
Ans: Mr Lamb tries to change Derry’s attitude to life by reminding him that he can’t lock himself up in a room forever because of his deformity. He even narrates him a story about a man who locked himself up to avoid being hurt and killed but finally got killed by a picture that fell off the wall on his head. Mr Lamb motivates Derry by making him know about the goodness in him or the advantages that he enjoys. He informs Derry that he has got two legs, arms, eyes, ears, tongue and brain with which he can get what he wants.
Mr Lamb does not sympathize with Derry. In fact he ignores the subject when Derry refers to his burnt face and tells him to stop crying about his face. Derry indulges himself in self-pity which is alienated from him by the positive teachings of Mr Lamb.
Mr Lamb teaches Derry how to look at life, people and things inspite of physical impairment. He makes Derry reflect deeply into his life with self-respect and confidence so that he can join the mainstream of life. 
e. What does Mr. Lamb do that seems ‘peculiar’ to Derry? 
Ans : Many things that Mr Lamb says or does seem peculiar to Derry. Mr Lamb’s house which has windows without curtains is peculiar for Derry. It is peculiar that Mr. Lamb always keeps his gate open, When Derry stole into his garden in stead of raising a huc and cry he calmy welcomed the boy Mr. Lamb says that he is interested in everybody and everything. He finds no difference between weedss,, flower, plants and human beings, for its all life. He accepts his disability as a challenge Mr. Lamb also gives him self confidence by saying that he is no less than others.

Very Long Answer type Questions : (7 marks each)

a. Though both Mr. Lamb and Derry suffer from a physical disability, their attitude to life is different.’ Justify the relevance of this statement with reference to the story, “On the Face of It”?
Ans: Mr. Lamb and Derry are two different persons who have one thing in common. Both are physically deformed. One has a burnt face eaten up by acid and the other has a tin leg in place of the real one which was blown off in the war. Inspite of this similarity their difference lies in outlooks. On the one hand Derry suffers from a tremendous sense of inferiority complex and is always conscious about hiis face that is bad, terrible and ugly. He is pessimistic about people, life and things and tries to escape from life. On the other hand there is Mr Lamb who is positive and keeps aside his physical disability. He accepts life as it comes and tries to embrace it whole heartedly. This can be noticed when even after being called 62 ‘Lamey-Lamb’, he doesn’t mind it. He enjoys life to the fullest. Cop Derry is isolated and withdrawn. He doesn’t trust people and hates people staring at him or passing charitable and uncharitable comments. He is oversensitive about everything whereas Mr Lamb is broad-minded and open-hearted and welcomes everyone who wishes to talk to and visit him. It is Mr Lamb who finally teaches Derry to live life with peace of heart and mind.
b. What is Derry’s attitude to life? How is it transformed? 
Ans: Derry, a boy of fourteen, has a burnt face and he regards himself to be ‘bad’, ‘terrible’ and the ugliest thing’. He feels that people are afraid of him and so he alienates himself from people and is an escapist. He keeps himself withdrawn. He is defiant and doesn’t trust people. He is over-sensitive and narrow-minded. He has a very negative attitude towards life and does not enjoy it. He develops an inferiority complex which burns his feelings for everybody. Derry believe that the people who pass charitable comments on him are also afraid of him, and he regards all people to be cruel. He also thinks that people are liars as they say comforting lies to console him.
 Derry is transformed after he meets Mr Lamb, who shows no concern over his burnt face. Mr Lamb enjoys life as it comes and he motivates Derry by making him realize that Derry acquires a lot of advantages. He has got two arms, two legs and eyes and ears of which he should be proud of. Mr Lamb also forces him to reflect that he has got a tongue and a brain by which he can get whatever he wants like the rest or better than the rest. Mr Lamb says things to Derry which was never said by anyone and thus he gets transformed by accepting the positive things said to him by Mr Lamb.
c.’You….fell….I’m here, Mr. Lamb. It’s all right. ‘What is the significance of the quoted line. Elaborate.
Ans: “You…fell… I’m here, Mr Lamb. It’s all right.” The significance of the quoted line is that it shows the positive transformation of Derry and the cause of this change i.e. Mr Lamb. Derry who has a negative attitude for everything, finds no consolation in anything. He feels that no kind words or actions can relieve him of his sorrows, which he is suffering due to his burnt face. Mr Lamb whom he co-incidently meets talks to him. Derry finds that his words were making a positive impact on him and he was happy to hear from Mr Lamb, the words he longed to hear. Derry gradually sheds his fear over his burnt face, changes his negative attitude towards people, life and things, sees the goodness in life and thus he feels relieved of his sorrows.
Mr Lamb, whom he meets was positive in every aspect but he was negative in one aspect. When Derry get up and prepares to go home, he says he will come back. Mr Lamb at this point says that generally people say so but never comes back. Derry reaches home and is stubborn to go back to Mr Lamb to change the negative belief of Mr Lamb. Derry speaks the above lines only to make Mr Lamb continue to be positive in the belief that someone like Derry will surely come back. Derry felt that by doing so he can express his gratefulness to a person who had made such a positive impact in his life.